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Five Elements 2 Man

This Five Elements form is performed with a partner and is known as Wu Xing Sheng Ke.  Each student will learn the endless cycle of creation and destruction that is the foundation of Xingyi practice.  Creation means applying a technique.  Destruction means a counter to the technique.  Mutual creation and destruction means for every technique there is a counter technique and for counter technique give rise to the opportunity of executing another technique.  This form can be performed at different speeds and with different degree of energy.  The only constant is precision and accuracy of each move. 

 1.  Introduction
 2.  Internal Style
 3.  Xingyi Basics
 4.  Five Elements
 5.  Lianhuan Quan
 6.  5 Element 2 Men
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 8.  Advanced Training

After the student has an strong grasp of the Five Elements, he needs to know how to use the five forces in practical situations. Also, he needs to understand the correlation between the five forces, and the application of the Creation and Destruction of the Five Elements.

Wu Xing Sheng Ke is a two-man form, based on the five elements. As each element can create another, and overcome others, in the same way each fist can change into another, and overcome others. So, we have that Pi Quan can change into Zuan Quan, Zuan Quan can change into Beng Quan, Beng Quan changes into Pao Quan, Pao Quan can change into Heng Quan, and Heng Quan can create Pi Quan.

Applying the Destruction of the five elements theory, we have that Pi Quan can overcome Beng Quan, Beng Quan can overcome Heng Quan, Heng Quan can overcome Zuan Quan, Zuan Quan can overcome Pao Quan, and Pao Quan can overcome Pi Quan, thus creating a circle of destruction.

Practicing this form, the students can understand the various changes of the fists, will learn how to apply them in fighting situations, will improve calmness of mind, and will acquire the neccesary reflexes to change techniques and steps in multiple ways.

This form has no end. Only the students will set the time to stop. It flows through the fists, and the different changes.


Song Style Xingyi 2 Man practice

Song Style Xingyi 2 Man Practice

Ruddy Curry demonstrating two man five element fist drill (2007)

Xing yi two man five fist drill