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The Ottawa Martial Arts Association has a large collection of source and reference materials concerning Xingyi .We also like to use this site to link to other organization who are actively promoting traditional Xingyi style. Additional information and resources can also be found in the links section and feel free to contribute to this page.  

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The Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association supports organizations that promote traditional Xingyi training. 



International Institute of Xingyi Baguazhang (國際形意八卦掌研究會) Lian-Sheng Xu (徐連生) teaches Xingyi Baguazhang from the lineage of Ding-Cai Ren (任定財).  He is based in Calgary, Alberta. 
Shou-Yu Liang Wushu Taiji Qiqong Institute Liang Shou-Yu teaches many Chinese martial arts including Xing Yi. He is based in Vancouver, BC. 
Wudang Internal Yang Hai teaches Xingyi Baguazhang from the lineage of Zhang Zhankui-Yang Qinglin. He also teaches Chen Taiji. He is based in Montreal, Quebec. 
The wushu centre club Andrea Falk (Quebec City) and Denis Robert (Montreal) training in Heibei Xingyiquan as taught at the Beijing College of Physical Education in the 80s, and adjusted by Di Guoyong (邸国勇) since 2003. 
 Yue Fei Internal Martial Arts ClubJames Coons is teaching Cheng style Baguazhang and Hebei style Xingyiquan. He is a student of Yang Hai (Montreal). (Guelph, ON)

North and South America

Aiping Tai Chi and Qi Gong Center
Cheng Aiping training in Hsing Yi (Sun style, Li Cun Yi Lineage) Milford, CT.

Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute Mike Patterson and Andrea Cheng teaching in  Las Vegas, NV.   This training is from Hsu Hong Chi of Taiwan lineage..
HeBei Chinese Martial Arts Institute
Jia Wuzhong teaching Heibei Hsing Yi in Richardson, Texas . 

Xingyi-Dao USA
Li Tai Liang (李泰良) teaching Che Yizhai (車毅齋) lineage Xingyo and Wang Yinghai (王映海) lineage Xingyi Luihap in West Babylon, NY.  Highly recommended practical training.
Hong Kong Yi Quan Society (香港意拳學會)
Yi quan association in Hong Kong.  . 



The Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association has the following books on the Xingyi  martial arts system. 



General Reference
Hsing Yi Chuan : Theory and Applications (Chinese Internal Martial Art) by Shou-Yu Liang and Jwing-Ming Yang (Paperback - June, 1990) A great book from YMAA. Includes a long history of Yueh Fei, basic exercises and several introductory forms. Good translation of the Chinese text. However, it is not for novices: You should know something about Hsing Yi to really appreciate this book.

ISBN: 0940871084
Xing Yi Quan Xue: The Study of Form-Mind Boxing by Sun Lu Tang (Paperback - Jan, 2001) Good translation of Sun Lu Tang's famous book popularizing Xing Yi.  Including pictures of his postures.

ISBN: 0865681856

Xing Yi Nei Gong: Xing Yi Health Maintenance and Internal Strength Development by Dan Miller (Compiler), Tim Cartmell (Editor), Vincent Black  (Paperback - Oct, 1998) Disappointing treatment of the subject. Less information on Xingyi but more information on stretching exercises that is practiced for health maintenance. 

ISBN: 0865681740



The Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association has review the following DVD's on Xingyi Martial Arts.  



General Reference
Di Guoyong collection (10 Discs) Guoyong Di learned Hsing-I, Shaolin Long Fist, Chuojiao Fangzi Fist, and Chen Bagua Palm from Zhong Zhao and master Bin Wu.  He is now the president of Beijing Wushu Research Association & First Grade national Wushu Judge. His work has been translated in to English by Andrea Falk and available at the Wushu Center. 
Complete Shanxi Hsing-I Chuan by Shanxi Hsing-I Research Association It was divided into 30 sections, each introducing specific aspect of Hsing-I Chuan practice curriculum. There are more than 80 performs from the towns & villages in Shanxi Province, representing 4 main branches of Shanxi Hsing-I Chuan: (1) Che, Yizhai's, (2) Song, Shirong's, (3) Liuhe Xinyi of Wang, Hong & Zhang, Youlin, (4) Dai Family Hsing-I.

Other Links

The Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association collects organizes Chinese martial resources that can be found over the Internet.  The following are sites that are related to the Xingyi.  Please suggest a site for us to review.   



Discussion Forums
 A great site developed by David deVere.  Active in 2001 - 2005 but has since disappeared.  I would love to reconstruct that site !
Started as a forum on deVere's site and evolved in to a separate discussion forum for the Internal Martial Arts such as Xing Yi.
Rum Soaked Fist
Another forum on the Internal martial arts started by community members from Empty