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T'ai Chi is classified as an internal style. This means that the student should learn about "feeling" the movement before focusing on external power generation. This type of training can be directly compared to basic Shaolin training - initially, it seems physically strenuous until students understand how to use the mind to guide their movements. This does not mean that there is no external training in T'ai Chi or that there is less internal training in Shaolin. The difference is a matter of degree and emphasis.


Tai Chi Training Overview

T'ai Chi training involves:

1. Basic training - flexibility and chi gong exercises

2. Form segments - focus on portions of the form

3. Form - any one of the many T'ai Chi Forms, for beginners we recommend the National Standard 24 form or 48 form. For students with more experience, we suggest the Yang or Chen style depending on the aptitude of the student.

4. Push hand exercises - including one-hand, two-hand, stationary and moving pushing hands.

5. Two man fighting forms.

6. Applications of each form.

7. Auxiliary exercises - suggested use of props such as rulers or balls to improve sensitivity.

8. Tai chi weapons - sword, sabre, fan and staff   

9. Free Sparring