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Yang History

Yang Lu Chan, his family and his students had a tremendous impact over the past two hundred years. They introduce the world to the mysterious and wonders of an unique martial art that is both well suited for self-defense as well as providing health benefits. The following traces the Yang style family tree highlighting direct family members of Yang Lu Chan and the major proponents of this style.

The Ottawa Martial Arts Association has completed Phase One of our result in the history of the Yang Style. A collection of over four hundred and eighty names are listed. Please let us know if you additional information on the history of the Yang Style.


Family Tree and Branches

Here is the Yang style T'ai Chi Chuan and other styles that are derived from the original form more then one hundred years ago.  The Yang style is perhaps the most popular Tai chi style being practiced today.

Yang Lu Chan (杨露禅, 1799-1872)
Yang Feng Hou
(杨凤侯; 1835-1861; Eldest son, died early)
Yang Soa Lin (杨兆林; Son)

Cao Ke (曹珂)


Kou Chang Qing (寇长青; 1910—1983) 浅谈杨式寇家太极拳
Yang Ban-Hou
(楊班侯; 1837-1892; 2nd Son)
Yang Zhao Peng (Son) studied with Yang Cheng Fu and then opened a school in Guangxi, where he later passed away.

Wang Chiao-Yu
Kuo Lien-Ying (郭連蔭; 1895 - ) emigrated to the USA and started Guang Ping Tai Chi.
Wang Zhi Chen
Quan You (全佑; 1834-1902)
Wu Jian Quan (吴鉴泉; 1870-1942
Wu Style; 吴式太极拳)
Yang Shao Hou (杨兆熊; Nephew)
Yang Jiang-Hou
(楊建侯; 1842 - 1917, 3rd son)
Yang Shao Hou (楊兆熊 字夢祥;1862-1930;
oldest son) 小架及大架
Yang Chen-sheng (杨振声; 楊振聲 son)
Chen Pan-lin (陳泮嶺; 1900-1967)
later created his own synthetic style.
Chang Yiu Chun (1899-1987 ?)
Erle Montaigue (Australia)
Yang Zou Yuan (杨兆元, 杨兆鹏 (1872-1930) ,字凌霄1875-1938 ?, second son)
Studied with his uncle Yang Cheng Fu 在乡习拳于陈秀峰,后从兄澄甫,曾南游浙、广西,授拳为业。
Yang Kuei Cheng (Zou Kuei Cheng, 1908-1976, Daughter ?)
She married Fu Zhongwen。
Yang Cheng Fu (杨兆清(三子) 澄甫; 1883-1936)
Yang Chen-sheng (杨振铭 (长子) 守中 1910-1985 (居香港) Eldest)
Yang Tai Yee (1950 - )
Yang Ma Lee (1952 - )
Yang Yee Li (1958 - )
Yang Chung Kee (杨振基(次子) 1921- , second son)
Yang Zhen Duo (杨振铎(三子) 1926- , third son)
Yang Duo-fong (son)
Yang Jun (Grandson )
Yang Chung Kwok (杨振国(四子) 1928- , son)
Chen Wei-Ming (陈微明)
Chen Yen-ling
Cheng Man-Ching (郑曼青 1900-1975 (居台湾) → 郑氏太极拳 Cheng Man-Ching Style)
Chu Gui Ting (褚桂亭)
Cui Yi Shi (崔毅士 字立志 1890-1970)
Fu Zhongwen (傅鐘文; 1903-1994)
Hǔ Yǔ Sheng (许禹生; 1879-1945)
Lu Dian Cang (吕殿臣)
Tung Ying Chieh (董英杰 (移民香港) 1898-1961)
Zhao Bin (赵斌)
and hundreds more students during his life time
Wu Yu Xiang (武禹襄; 1812-1880; Wu (Hao) Style; 武式太极拳又称郝式太极拳 ) combined with Chen style from Chen Ching Ping (陈青萍 1795-1868)