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This section provides a record of some of the notable martial arts events in Ottawa - Hull capital region. Feel free to contribute information or recount tales from the past.  Keep the martial arts spirit alive in Ottawa! 


November Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association website is re-launched as after Yahoo decided to stop the Geo-city service. 
September Demonstration and discussion of Tai Chi and Taoist philosophy in Upper Canada District School Board
September 12, 2009
Steve Chan from the Ottawa Hunyuan Tajji Academy won Silver in the Chen Style Straight Sword and Bronze in Chen form at the 2009 Canadian Open Taiji Championship organized by the COTTQA. A video of this event is available here
Sifu Bob Koh and his student from Calgary visits Ottawa.  He attended classes at both the Canadian Headquarters: Gloucester Traditional Karate Association and our gym.  We ended the evening with a great Chinese dinner. 
 Jan 24, 2009

2009 Martial Arts Gala featuring a variety of martial arts schools including wushu, kung-fu, ving tsun, taekwondo, karate, aikido, Chen’s taichi and  medieval swords. Highlights include a demonstration from a group of Shaolin monks as well as Chen taiji demonstration by Chen Zhonghua.


Alex Gillis published his book, "A Killing Art: The Untold History of Tae Kwon Do".  Alex started his Tae Kwon Do in the old Jung Park school and knew the young Phap Lu.  The book is a well research expose on the origins of Tae Kwon Do and the difference between the ITF and the WTF.  The heavy involvement of the Korean Intelligence Agency (KIA) in Tae Kwon Do was a bit of a surprise but the heavy politics within each Tae Kwon Do organization is not.  I considered the book to be well balanced but the book could offend some of the Tae Kwon Do practitioners who are not open minded.  In the book, Alex does stress and commend the dedicate athletes who trained in the system but the book does provide a warning on the corrupting influences of money, power and ego. 
January 21
Season 2, Episode 3 of the Discovery Channel documentary series "Human Guinea Pig" entitled "Kung Fu Fighter" was released.  This episode features Sifu Bob Koh teaching AmberLynn Walker some self defense techniques.  Sensei Poon Chan demonstrates Goju Ryu conditioning and finally, Sifu Kim lead Ryan Stock through Iron Shirt Training.  Watch it here !


October Martial Arts Gala 2004, held at the Carleton University Alumni Theater.  This event was organized by John Hum and featured more than 10 different martial arts organizations.  
July Kiem visits Calgary and held seminars. Special thanks to Sifu Bob Koh and all the martial arts teacher's in Calgary for their hospitality.
March Gary Houldsworth is organizing a seminar by Bryan Cheek (founder of WEBBS).
February Iceman Productions presents Amature Kickboxing at Hilton Lac-Leamy, 2:00 pm.
January 31 Shaolin Martial Arts demonstration at Landsdowne Park.
January Kim demonstrated the art Chi Kung healing on TV. Thanks to the Jeff Mauler and Kristen Johnston, the host of Day Time for their invitation.


November Therien Jiu-Jitsu Kickboxing host the Capital Conquest 2003 and the Kobudomania Show. Highlights include demonstration by Elvis Stojko and his teacher Glen Doyle.
September Gary Houldsworth hosted the W.E.B.B.S. 2003 World Congress with International participation. Instructors include Bryan Cheek (founder of WEBBS) from England and Timothy Lynch (US).
September 1st International General Choi's Memorial Cup organized by Lu's Tae Kwon Do. An international competition for the ITF (International Tae Kwon Do Federation)
  Ottawa Wado-Kai was the old name for Ouellette Karate & Self-Defense and is no longer being used.

Before 2003

Dec, 1999
(Bob Kho)
The Gloucester Traditional Karate Association organized an Escrima and White Crane demonstration for more than fifty students from five different clubs.

Grandmaster Bob Kho of the Teck Guan International Gong Fu Federation 德源(國際)國術總會 (Calgary, Alberta) indtroduced the group to some basic White Crane techniques including two man drills and stance training. In the afternoon, Grandmaster Nanoy Gallano from Toronto focused on escrima techniques including self defense agaisnt knife.  Sifu Eric Tuttle performed the Eagle form of Lui hop xingyi and answered questions on internal kung fu, sifu Kee Hong demonstrated the a Chen style Taichi form. Sifu Kim Lee who demonstrated some applications of hard chi kung including full power kicks to various parts of the body (including back, chest and groin).
Dec, 1999
Peter Wu Shizeng, another student of Hong Junsheng, was the invited gues of the Ottawa Chan Style Tai Chi School.  Master Wu provides two days intensive course on push hands.Amng the attendance:
Matt Ravignat, Andy Pow, Kee Hong, James Tam, Poon Chan.
James Tam invites Master Chen Zhonghua to visit Ottawa.  This was the start of the Ottawa Branch of the Hunyuantaiji Academy.  Students J. Chan and R. Bergeron organizes his return visit to Ottawa at least two times a year.  The club teaches the Chen style of Hong Junsheng and Hunyuan Taiji System of Feng Zhiqiang.
There was a Shorinji Kempo school that trained on Cambridge Street. Sensei Nobuaki Nakamura moved to Toronto and the remaining students, Dave and Matt, eventually stopped teaching. Dave is happily married and living in Vancouver.  Matt is with the OPP.  Mr. Rodiriguez and his wife, both Shorinji Kempo instructors from Portugal now residing in Montreal also contributed to the club.
  There was a Shaolin White Crane school in Ottawa who trained near the Byward martket. The teacher (Scott ? ) was taught a White Crane family style by some one from Beijing while he was growing up in Montreal.  His where abouts are unknown. 
Jung Park Taek of Jung Park Tae Kwon Do moved West to head the Global Winnipeg Taekwon-Do. His dojo was transferred to Mr. Phap Lu in Ottawa. Jung Park Taek later moved from Winnipeg to Vienna, Austria as head of the ITF technical committee. He is not the Jung Park Tae who also headed Global Winnipeg Taekwon Do and has since passed away.  Please let me know if you know his current whereabouts.  Some of the history and politics of Tae Kwon Do including a brief section on Jung Park Taek and Phap Lu is in the book, A Killing Art: The Untold History of Tae Kwon Do by Alex Gillis (2008).