Our association compiles a list of martial arts school through out Canada and across the world. We seek to use the Internet constructively to link everyone that is interested in the development and promotion of martial arts. We encourage everyone to get involved and experience the joy of practicing martial arts.

The Ottawa Martial Arts Association is also a strong advocate and supporter of other organizations that seek to promote the martial arts. Please let us know how we can help :-)

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Friends of the Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association. 

These are our friends in the Martial Arts Community in the Ottawa Region, across Canada and around the world. They are all traditional martial artists that understand the value of training and the philosophy of martial arts. Send us an e-mail if you liked to have a link on this page. 

The Gloucester Traditional Karate Association

The club has been teaching Meibukan Goju-Ryu Karate-do in the City of Gloucester (suburb of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) since 1985. It is the Canadian Headquarter of the All American Meibukan Association under the leadership of Master Mirakian of Watertown, Mass. USA.

The chief instructor of GTKA is Mr. Hing-Poon Chan who started his Goju-ryu training in 1968.He is now one of the highest ranking members of traditional Goju-ryu in Canada. 
Notley Martial Arts Club

Notley Martial Arts Club is an affiliated dojo of the Gloucester Traditional Karate Association. It is run by Mr. John Notley at the Heron Road Multiplex Community Centre, 1450 Heron Rd, Ottawa, Ontario. It holds classes on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
National Capital Branch Hunyuan Taijiquan

Kee Hong has been a long time martial artist both as a competitor, teacher and organizer.  He is now leading the National Capital Branch of Hunyuan Chen Style Taijiquan.  
Teck Guan Martial Arts and Health Studio

Bob Kho is the grandson of the renown Kan Teck Guan (Kee Lian). He is the head of the Bob Kho of the Teck Guan International Gong Fu Federation (德源(國際)國術總會) and he is teaching Bak hok (White Crane) in Calgary.

Martial Arts in Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world (after Russia) but is only ranked 12th in terms of population (with a population of 30 million). The Canadian population is considered to be well educated with more than 16 million (50%) of the population having graduated with a high school degree. The reading literacy (mean value of performance scale, 15 years old) is ranked 2 in the world. The gross domestic product of Canada is ranked 7th the world. The life expectancy is 79 years old (rank 5th).

Canadians are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by this great country. Canadians are actively engaged in sports. More than 8 million people (34%) are reported to be involve in regular physical activity with 3 million people (12%) engaging in competitive events. (For more information, please see the SPORT PARTICIPATION IN CANADA 1998 REPORT). Recent statistics indicates more than 130,000 people are actively engaged in the sport of karate and the martial arts. They are enriching their lives by exploring the benefits offered by the martial arts. 

The following table provides a provincial distribution of martial arts organizations.

 Provinces     % of Canadian Martial
Arts Organization*
 British Columbia
 Alberta  11
 Saskatchewan  1
 Manitoba  3
 Ontario  43
 Quebec  23
 Newfoundland  1
 New Brunswick
 Nova Scotia
 Prince Edward Island
 < 1
* Based on 2005 data.

Ontario and Quebec represents more than 65% of the martial arts organization with British Columbia and Alberta containing 25%. 


National and Regional Organizations

There are national and international organizations promoting Chinese Wushu and Martial Arts. The majority of those organizations focus on the organization or promotion of one major event each year.

Active Organizations

Defunct Organizations

  • Ontario Federation of Chinese Martial Arts Organizations - no website, not active (?)  holds an annual tournament (?) associated with Peter Wong (?)
  • World Organization of Wushu & Kung Fu Masters - A organization founded in 2003 and is based in BC, Canada. THis organized was founded by Chau Sau Chung, Fred Kwok, Richard Wan and Wong Tat-Mau to provide a systematic method of Kung Fu grading system (site down 09/2004).  Assume it is no longer active (2006)
  • United Wushu Federation of Canada - associated with the American Wushu Federation but no contact information is available. Assume it is no longer active. (2006)  

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