The martial arts on one level are for self defense. On another, broader level, martial arts training are for self awareness and self improvement. One goal in the practice of the martial arts is to improve health and prevent illnesses. Some of the movements during training can therefore be considered to be healing exercises. Practicing for health and well being forms a special part of the Chinese Martial arts.

Healing exercises are distinctly different from regular exercises and other therapeutic techniques in several ways. Healing exercise can provide relief to those that are sick or physically weak without the reliance on drugs, medicine or surgery. These exercises are designed to build up the patient's physical strength and improve his or her physiological functioning. Following the principles established by different martial arts, those healing exercises seek to coordinate the movement of the mind, body and chi. The practitioner, by developing the appreciate body awareness, can progress towards a healthier life.

(Please seek a qualified instructor to obtain the maximum benefit from the training. Always take precautions when offered medical advice!)

 1.  Health / Wellness
 2.  Balance / Harmony
 3.  Inspiration

Health and Wellness in Ottawa

The Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts association under the instructions of Master Kim provides courses on health and wellness based on the time tested methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This approach takes an integrated and holistic view to promote a balance life style. The body is considered to be complex and interactive system and any aliments can be due to an imbalance in one all more of those systems. Improve health and wellness can be achieved through a proper diet, exercise and mental awareness. This is achieved through individual training and practice. Herbs, medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion (Chinese: 灸; pinyin: jiǔ), massage and other external agents are required if the imbalance are more serious.  


Balance and Harmony

The philosophy at the Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts association is to teach the students in achieve balance and harmony both within the narrow scope of physical and mental training. This knowledge and experience is then carried over and applied in their daily lives. The types of opposing ideas that expresses the inherent contradiction in life includes: the mental and the physical, the emotional and the logical, the abstract and the concrete and traditional values and modern ideas. Harmony is achieved when those opposing ideas can exist at the same time without conflict.



The following are images to help and inspire our students to achieved peace and harmony.