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The Ottawa Martial Arts Association has a large collection of source and reference materials concerning Baji.We also like to use this site to link to other organization who are actively promoting traditional Baji style. Additional information and resources can also be found in the links section and feel free to contribute to this page.  

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The Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association supports organizations that promote traditional Baji training. 



Wu Tan Martial Arts Center Wutang Canada is for the promotion of traditional Chinese Martial Arts. Based in Ottawa, under John Hum.  He is teaching kick boxing, San Shou, Praying Mantis, Baji and Weapons. (Ottawa, ON)
JiFeng Martial Arts Club
Club founded in 1979, teaches mainly baji, pigua, liuhetanglang, meihuatanglang and bagua from the Wu Tan system. James Guo Xiaopo teaches Yin Fu lineage of baguazhang at the Taipei Cultural Centre in Scarborough. (Toronto, ON)
North and South America
Adam Hsu Kung Fu School, San Francisco/North Bay Branch Dan Farber and Liu Chang Chiang students of Adam Hsu teaching ba ji and other styles.  (San Francisco, CA)

Pachi Tanglang Martial Arts Association Dr. Su Yu-Chang, student of Chang Te-Kuei, Wei Hsiao-Tang, Li Kuen-Shan and Lui Yuen-Chiao, offers training in Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Pachi Chuan, Pikua, Hsing-I and Tai Chi.  The association has branches in Taiwan, Argentina, Colombia, Holland, Italy,Malaysia, Norway, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and Venezuela. He is currently residing in New York, NY.  
Wu-Tan Kung fu and Tai Chi Institute Anchorage, Alaska
Kurt Wong is a student of Su Yu Chang and Adam Hsu. He is based in Alaska. ( 03/2002, down 11/2009)
Wu Tang Center for Martial Arts
Tony Yang Shu-Ton teaching the Wu Tang system (Canton, Ohio)..
Baijiquan International Training Center (河北省孟村回族自治县开门八极拳研究会) Built in May, 2006 at the Mengcun Muslim Autonomous County, Hebei County, this school  offers training in Kaimen Bajiquan (开门八极拳) lead by Wu Lianzh ( 吴连枝)
Memorial site for Liu Yun Qiao (劉雲樵) maintained by this students.  Contains a biography and overview of his style in both Chinese and English . 
Finland Baji Association Lü Baochun teaching Baji of Han Longquan lineage in Finland. 
Hong kong Chang Chun BaJi Martial Art Association (長春八極拳) 劉成金 teaching Baji from the lineage of 譚吉堂 who was a student of Liu Yu Qiao. 
Liu Yun Chyau's Baijiquan (Hong Kong) 林松賢 heads the Wu Tang association in HK. 
Oslo Wu-Tan Kung Fu and Taiji Klubb
Paolo Castaneda, student of Kurt Wong, teaching out of Oslo, Norway.



The Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association has the following books on the Baji  martial arts system. 



Baji Quan Illustrated by Liu Yun Chiao  (Paperback - June, 1990) Liu Yun Chiao and his students Jason Tsou, Liang Ji Tzu and Zhou Ming Yong.  The book discussed the BaJi Structure or Small BaJi, Linked BaJi and then applications.
Ba Zi Jie Xi = A Talk on Rake Fist by Peter Jaw (2006)
The basic forms (Xing) and stances (Bu) are explained.  The methods (Fa) of using the hand (Shou), wrist (Wan), elbow (Zhou), hip (Kua), knee (Xi) and foot (Jiao) are illustrated.  Some of the classical moves of the style are explained.  The concept of a posture (Shi) or a sequence of moves is also explained. 

ISBN: 9781425932138
Ba Ji 24 Hand Methods and Classics by Peter Jaw (2008) The 24 hand methods are each represented by a single Chinese characters. Each hand method may be coupled to one or 2 other hand methods.  These hand methods are interchangeable among themselves.

ISBN : 9781434391391
Ba Ji Small Frame Routine by Peter Jaw (2009) The small frame form was first created in the 20th century with 16 postures in the routine. Wu Xiu Feng later increase this number to 24 which forms the foundation of small frame. Xiao Jia or small frame. 

ISBN : 9781449016074
 Titles  Author  Publisher  ISBN  Length
Ba ji quan yun dong quan shu (八極拳運動全書)
 安在峰  大展  9574685071, 9789574685073  521


The Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association has review the following DVD's on Baji Martial Arts.  



General Reference

Wu Lianzhi  (9 Discs) Wu Lianzhi provides a complete review of Kaimeng Baji Chuan including  Small Frame 1st Routine, Si Lang Kuan, Sanshou, Xingzhe Staff, Tiliu Broadsword, Liuhe Spear and Chun Yang Sword.

Other Links

The Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association collects organizes Chinese martial resources that can be found over the Internet.  The following are sites that are related to the Baji.  Please suggest a site for us to review.   



Discussion Forums
Started as a forum on deVere's site and evolved in to a separate discussion forum for the Internal Martial Arts such as Xing Yi.
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