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Female Martial Arts Teachers

The are many women inspired by the achievements of the heroines of the past continue to pass on the benefits of martial arts training to a new generation.Regardless of approaches and styles, they promote the martial arts way.  They suggest that through focus, dedication and persistence, a person can recognize their full potential and accordingly enriched their lives.

(Women holds up half the sky)
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Training a new generation of women martial artists

The Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association firmly believes that women of all ages can benefit from proper training in the Chinese Martial Arts.  It is not only a worthwhile physical activity but there is also considerable social benefits.  Through this practice, you can appreciate and understand the rich cultural heritage represented by the Chinese Martial Arts.  Young girls can benefit from a structured training program that will provide them with the proper tools to deal with the difficulties of growing up.  Adults can take part to learn important self-defense skills and to further understand an important aspect of Chinese culture.  The older generation can take advantage of the proven health benefits of Chinese Wellness exercises.  Dedicated progressive martial arts training - that is the mission of Ottawa Kungfu!

Female Teachers in Chinese Martial Arts

The following is a list of active female martial artists promoting the spirit of the Chinese martial arts.  They are all leaders or teaches actively encouraging the growth of traditional Chinese martial arts.  They are inspiring the new generation of female martial artists that will make the world a better place. 

National Women's Martial Arts Federation  is an organization for women and girls who seek insight, strength, accomplishment and community.
Helen Liang is teaching Chinese martial arts in Vancouver,BC
Lilly Lau (劉莉莉) is the leader of the Eagle Claw Federation
Bow Sim Mark (麥寶嬋) is teaching in Boston, MA
Andrea Falk has been training in Chinese martial arts since 1972 and now is the lead for Ma Gui Bagua in North America.
Chen Peiju studied taijiquan from her father Chen Lixian and her aunt Chen Liqing. She is the Chairwoman of the  International Society of Chen Taijiquan.
Helen Wu Xiao Rong is the daughter of Wang Ju Rong and is teaching in Toronto, On. 
Professor Wang Ju Rong (1928 - 2005) is the daughter of Wang Ziping. Her legacy continues in   through her daughter, Wu Xiaoping.
Yuuki So, Shike Doshin So, heads the million strong Shorinji Kempo (少林寺拳法) organization in Japan.
Su Zifang (苏自芳) is the student of Sha Guozheng and He Fusheng.
Feng Xiuqian (冯秀芳) is the third daughter to Feng Zhiqiang (冯志强) and is considered to be the standard bearer for the Hunyuantaiji system (混元太極拳).
Aiping Cheng (程爱萍), graduate of Shanghai Sports College and six time  member of the elite Chinese National Wushu Team is teaching in Aiping Tai Chi & Wushu Center at Orange, CT.
Lu Yan (吕燕) was a member of the renown Beijing Wushu Team and a a National Champion in Jian, San Jie Gun and Dui Lian. She is now teaching in Beijing.
Hao Zhi Hua (郝致華) is a 3 time National All-Around Champion of China. She has been teaching at Wushu West, Berkeley, CA since 1990.
Wen Mei Yu is a noted author and Chinese martial artist currently living in the US.
Former Chang quan champion, Judy Wang Wing, is teaching at the Shanghai Chin Woo association. 

(Teaching a new generation of students to carry on the tradition of Chinese Martial Arts.)