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Action Actresses

Many female martial artists take advantage of their skills, training and dedication and apply themselves in the motion picture industry. They are follow a rich tradition that can be found in  Peking opera or the movie actresses of the recent past.  The difference between the movie stars that have a background in the martial arts and those that do not are the ability to meet the extreme physical demands required in an action scene. Those action queens can attack, defend and perform impossible physical feats without a stunt double and without the use of special effects!

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Training for Women martial artists in Ottawa

The Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association provides a training system and programs that specialized in women’s self defense. Many traditional Chinese Kung Fu styles such as Wudang and Taiji rely on developing internal power rather then reliance on brute strength. We can use those systems as a basis for training in order to provide the student with the confidence to face any potential adversity. In Chinese martial arts, the history and tradition suggests that women contributed and played an important role in the development of this art.  The training serves as a means of developing self control and as a process of self cultivation.

Our thirty years of experience has provided our students with a customize curriculum designed for females to improve their health and wellness. 

Established Actresses

Women have scorched cinema screens with real martial arts performing their own fight scenes adding an unique element of realization to the film experience.  Here is just a sample of those feminist icons, action heroines or simply female fighters in films

 Joyce Godenzi Notable films: Eastern Condors (1987), She Shoots Straight (1990)
Kara Hui Ying Hung (惠英紅) (1960; Hong Kong) a prolific actress that has many notable actions films including My Young Auntie (1981) and Lady is the Boss (1983).  She is still active today. 
Judy Lee Chia-ling (嘉凌; 1952 - ; Taiwan) came from a tradition of Peking Opera since her father and aunt were established performers. She studied for seven years and was a classmate of Angela Mao at their Peking Opera school.  Her first film Queen Boxer (1972) was a hit and started her on a career with more than sixty films. She is known for her athleticism and her character - alternately playful, elegant, and deadly. Her notable films include: The Avenger (1972) and The Blazing Temple (1976).
Angela Mao (茅瑛; 1950 - ; Taiwan) trained in hapkido, kung fu, tae kwon do, and other forms of martial arts in order to starred in a series of martial arts movies that included Hapkido (1972), Enter the Dragon (1973), Sting of the Dragon Masters (1973) and Broken Oath (1977).More of her pictures can be found here.
Polly Shang-Kwan Ling Feng (上官靈鳳; 1949 ; Taiwan).  Over the years, Polly acquired black belts in taekwando, karate and judo which she used in over 60 films.  She starred in Dragon Gate Inn (龍門客棧; 1967) which is considered to be a classic in Kung Fu cinema as well as The 18 Bronzemen (1976), 
Yukari Oshima Notable films: Brave Young Girls (1990), Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991)

Cynthia Rothrock (羅芙洛; 1957) is an American martial artists that worked in the Hong Kong film industry.  She trained in many styles including Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Eagle Claw, Wu Shu, and Northern Shaolin.  Her notable films include Yes, Madam (1985) and Righting Wrongs (1986). 
Michelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng (simplified Chinese: 杨紫琼; traditional Chinese: 楊紫瓊; pinyin: Yáng Zǐqióng; Cantonese (Yale romanization): yèuhng jí kìhng; 1962) was first a a ballet prodigy, then a beauty queen before becoming one of the best female action stars. She is remarkable she perfer to do her own stunts.  Her notable films include: Police Story III: Supercop (1992), The Heroic Trio (1993), Wing Chun (1994), The Stunt Woman (a.k.a Ah Kam) (1996), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (2000).

(Teaching a new generation of students to carry on the tradition of Chinese Martial Arts.)

New and Rising Stars

There are always new and exciting new stars that carries on the traditions of an action heroine.  Here are just a few of them:

 Chris Yen (甄子菁) is the younger sister to Donnie Yen and daughter of Bow Sim Mark.  She has stared in such films as the Black Rose, Adventures of Johny Tao and Give 'em Hell
Veronica Ngô Thanh Vân (1979) is a multi-talented singer, model, dancer and martial actress who dazzled the audience in her action action film debut, The Rebel (Vietnamese: Dòng Máu Anh Hùng; 2007) .  In this move, she performs a distinctive scissor headlock that traps her opponent’s neck between her legs and brings him to the ground! 
Yanin "Jeeja" Vismistananda (Thai: "จีจ้า" ญาณิน วิสมิตะนันทน์ ; 1984) made her screen debut in the martial arts film Choclate (2008).  Her breath taking fight scences easily made her a raising in the action film genre. 


Role Models

For every feature actress there are many stunt women, fight coordinators and film extras that plays a vital role. They need to train just as hard and are just as dedicated. Here are some examples:

 Lisa Cheng Lai Sho (鄭麗莎; 1986) is a world is a world champion rock climber, Hong based fitness model, sports journalist and aspiring movie actress.  She is also training in Muay Thai.